AIO ki te Rangi, Listen to waters trees and heartbeat - Live towards Peace

 20 - 25 September 2022 - Thistle Gallery, Upper Cuba St, Wellington NZ

We flew the white bird puppet from war memorial to peace exhibition to open our exhibition and festival this morning! Thank you Rose Beauchamp!

We have arrived at the Thistle Gallery! Come visit!

GALA OPENING!    Champagne Breakfast 

to Celebrate International Day of Peace and Spring Equinox, 

8am, Wednesday 21 September (we will have watched the sunrise from the Carillon in Pukeahu at  6.15am)

You are invited!

Come and take part in creativity contemplation and community 
as we visualise and work towards a world 
of  justice peace and sustainability...
          Wednesday - Friday 10am - 7.30pm
                Saturday 10am - 9pm                              Sunday 10am - 4pm
All we are saying is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

Daily Activity Programme

10am Meditation Readings Songs Prayers

11am Pre-schoolers’ Time

12.15 Presenter/ Discussion

Wednesday 21 September 12.15 Music Concert ‘Pacific Reflections’   Bernard Wells guitar & Peter Daly viola

Thursday 22 September 12.15       Discussion on Blue Pacific - Nuclear Free Independent Pacific

Friday 23 September 12.15          Discussion on Lines of                                                 Dissent/Lines of Descent

3pm onwards  Students of all ages -  Creativity Workshops

5.30pm AIO Storyplay playback theatre, Tell a Personal Story See and Hear it Transformed Creatively in music and action

7pm  Meditation Readings Songs Prayers

Added sessions...


Thursday Friday Saturday  FAMILY PUPPET SHOW 

Luise Brandt is travelling from Auckland especially to share the story of her family leaving Germany to come to NZ in the 1930s.  She says 

"This is a story from my Grandmother about peaceful resistance which I carried  with me as I journeyed with friends( the Fallout Marching Band from London,  the Niponzan Myohoji from Japan and Pramazons in NZ)  creating " manifestations" for Peace and the story eventually took this form of a puppet show after a young boy in Potaka on the East Cape asked if we, ( Pramazons ) had any puppet shows."

Luise will perform Thursday 22 Sept 3pm
    Friday 11am
      Saturday 11am
           KOHA can be made by eftpos


Friday 23 September 3pm Immanuel Dannenbring Found Sounds and Field Recordings really listening to the microrhythms...

Friday 23 Sept  7.30pm Theatre piece - A Great Raw  Andy Dolling and friends are bringing this performance from Nelson.

A theatrical debate, about the “great” war of 1914. 1 actor with 6 masks. Inspired by the memories of Archibald Baxter “we will not cease". Archie was a Kiwi conscientious objector during the war of 1914-1918.
Admission by koha - eftpos available

Saturday September 24 1pm Paperdoll Peace with Deirdra McMenamin.   Paperdoll peace is a quiet, inclusive, çreative, practical  way to work towards a peaceful world.

Saturday September 24 3pm Music Concert DIVINE PITCH is a new multi-media collaboration between Megan Ward and Stephen Riddell. We play a balance of original and traditional songs and tunes on a variety of instruments, mostly stringed, tuned to the "divine pitch" of A = 432Hz. Each of us came to folk music as a refugee from classical music, and in the process of doing the work to filter the inheritance of the old world we find ourselves telling stories from the mouth of the fish (Te Upoko o Te Ika/Wellington). We add content to our youtube channel every week.

Sunday September 25 1pm Calligratherapy with Xin Alice Huang

Calligratherapy, Chinese Conscious Calligraphy, its success comes from its unequalled beauty and the mysterious form it creates, from the richness of its history and the possibility to constantly innovate its styles, however, there is another hidden reason that too many people wish to practice it and sometimes get attached to it forever: it is a mindful meditative activity where the whole body is involved, and which brings physical, mental, social and spiritual benefits, an immediate feeling of well-being.

Mindfulness when combined with calligraphy helps us to slow down our whole body. It brings us into an eternal awareness or pure consciousness - a relaxed state everything happens organically. This eventually leads to self-satisfaction with positivity.

Join us to learn the beautiful brush strokes and a new way to manage stress and change distress into eustress.

Sunday September 25 2pm Closing and sharing of works made during the Exhbition and Festival 

Monday September 26, 1pm, Peace Flame Garden, Lady Norwood Rose Gardens. Come and mark International Day for the Total Elimination of ALL Nuclear Weapons. Meet to sing, read, pray, talk, plan...

 Wednesday September 28, 7pm - 9.30pm, Thistle Hall, Upper Cuba St Workshop on Theatre of Liberation as designed by Augusto Boal delivered by Andy Dolling and friends . Email

This festival is promoted by Peace Action Women for Sustainability

mana  ~  peace and justice ~  creativity  ~  community  ~  dialogue

We acknowledge the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust for their support!  Vive La Paix! All we are saying is give peace a chance. 

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